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CITM: Casing Inspection Thickness Measurement

CITM comprises of four separate measurements:

  • Casing Weight (lbs/ft).
  • Electronic Caliper (Diameter in Inches).
  • High Resolution Inductive Collar Locator.
  • Downhole Temperature and pressure.

The CITM uses electromagnetic waves to measure wall thickness in ferrous, copper-bearing and HSLA steel casing.

The "Remote Eddy-Current" (REC) method is a well established technique used in the oil and gas industry to monitor the integrity of wellbore casings. Over a period of years, and greatly accelerated by the presence of corrosive liquids, steel casing will deteriorate to the point where it is unable to be worked on with industry standard techniques of well cleaning and rehabilitation. There are several technologies available to estimate the loss of metal from the casing (such as multi-arm calipers), but the REC method is the only one which actually responds to the total volume of steel in the casing. An alternating magnetic field is generated at a low frequency that is able to penetrate the steel but is attenuated and phase-shifted due to eddy currents, and the resulting magnetic field is measured at a remote axial location. The amount of phase-shift is related to the metal thickness and other parameters.

  • Determine base line integrity of original casing after newly completed Well.
  • Design remediation programs with the knowledge of casing integrity prior to chemical or mechanical rehabilitation.
  • Locate damaged areas where visible inspection is precluded due to scale build-up.
  • Use electronic caliper to locate areas of pitting and damage that are indeterminate by just visual inspection.

Click on thumbnail for a larger image of the Casing Inspection Log samples.

Casing Inspection LogCITM 12 inch


Download PDF of CITM Specifications

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